Le Talk Sportif: Drogba and Kimbo Get the Boot

Le Talk Sportif: Drogba and Kimbo Get the Boot

"Chelsea have won the title by a single point but their superiority is far beyond dispute." Much as we'd like to, we can't argue that. [The Guardian]

Kimbo Slice just wrote his ticket out of the UFC with another embarrassing L. New career plans? [WSHH (full fight)]

If you get Mexican TV channel Televisa, lucky you: You'll be seeing two absolute legends offering World Cup commentary next month. [VeFootball.com.mx (in Spanish)]

For playing like a shit sandwich, the Seattle Sounders are offering full refunds to fans. What if the Knicks instituted the same policy? [The Seattle Times]

Dallas Braden's perfecto could have ended on the breaking of an unwritten rule. How ironic. [Big League Stew]

DeSean Jackson taking shots at Donovan McNabb? That first Redskins-Eagles game (Oct. 3) can't come any sooner. [ESPN]

Hmmm, looks like Amare Stoudemire broke night after Game 2 last week. Amare...we've been there, homie.
[The Dirty]

Vancouver Canuncks' defenseman Sami Salo may have ruptured his testicle while blocking a shot last night. You know you want to watch this, right? [YouTube]

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