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Before Selection Sunday—and those two glorious weekdays of gaining five pounds in pizza weight as the NCAA Tournament field of 65 gets cut to 32—there are the conference tournaments. Significant if for no other reason than being the first official Madness of March, the conference tourneys have provided some of the college game's most memorable moments—almost on par with the Big Dance. So, while you're watching the best of the Big East, ACC, Big 12, SEC, Pac-10, Big Ten, and more this week, here are Dime's favorite conference tournament moments...

#8: Everybody Hates Duke
WHEN: 2004 ACC championship game, Maryland vs. Duke
DIME SAYS: Duke is the standard dividing line in sports: Either you're with the Blue Devils, or you're against them. Either you're a fan forever, or you hate them to no end. This game ranks as a historical landmark in the Duke Haters' national archive: Coach K's favored squad-winners of the last five ACC titles losing to the underdog Terrapins; J.J. Redick, Shelden Williams, and Chris Duhon staring into space in utter disbelief as the loss set in; and best of all, the little kid in the crowd wearing a Duke jersey, crying his eyes out. Actually, that might have been Greg Paulus.


#7: Ladies and Gentlemen... Joakim Noah
WHEN: 2007 SEC championship game, Florida vs. Arkansas
DIME SAYS: Joakim Noah is a clown. We all know this. We all knew this. So for Noah to make experienced broadcasters speechless, he must have done something memorable. We didn't say something cool, or something a sane person would do. Just memorable.


#6: Tyler Hansbrough and The Worst Celebration Ever
WHEN: 2008 ACC semifinals, North Carolina vs. Virginia Tech
DIME SAYS: Although the Heels fell short of a national championship, Hansbrough owned college ball in '08. He swept all the relevant National Player of the Year trophies and officially landed a spot in Dick Vitale's will. So why was "Psycho T" drawing comparisons to noted NBA scrub Mark Madsen during the ACC tourney? Because after Hansbrough's baseline J knocked off Virginia Tech at the buzzer, he took off in one of the whitest White Man moments ever seen.


#5: Georgia is Cinderella before Cinderella
WHEN: 2008 SEC Tournament, Georgia vs. Arkansas
DIME SAYS: Usually the "glass slipper" and "big pumpkin" references don't pop up until the Big Dance, when mid-major schools try toppling big-name powerhouses and stealing the nation's hearts. But the '08 UGA Bulldogs earned Everybody's Favorite Underdog status well before the big bracket thanks to their insane run through the SEC Tournament. Led by current NBA/D-Leaguer and NYC playground star Sundiata Gaines, Georgia was sub-.500 in the regular season, but knocked off four favored teams in three days to win the conference crown. After they beat Ole Miss in the first round, a tornado rocked host city Atlanta and made the Georgia Dome unfit to play in. So the next day, UGA had to play twice (on Georgia Tech's campus), upsetting Kentucky and Mississippi State. Then, after three nail-biters, Georgia completed the job by beating Arkansas fairly easily in the title game. Gaines copped tourney MVP, averaging 17.2 points. Nobody blamed the exhausted Bulldogs when they exited in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.


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