Motivation: Thomas Jones and Braylon Edwards' Pre-Game Playoff Playlists

Motivation: Thomas Jones and Braylon Edwards' Pre-Game Playoff Playlists

The NFL Playoffs continue this weekend, and we won't lie, we're a little biased in favor of the New York Jets in their matchup Sunday evening with the San Diego Chargers (you get that way when you help pick a team's cheerleaders). We dig their smack-talking head coach Rex Ryan and their stout (ayo!) D led by Bart Scott and Darrelle Revis. Heck, we don't even mind their pretty boy quarterback.

But as anybody who's followed the Jets this season knows, if it's solely up to the Sanchize to lead the squad to victory on Sunday, the J-E-T-S will be loading up their G-O-L-F bags this time next week. The New Yorkers are gonna need big games from a couple of offensive stars, running back Thomas Jones and wideout Braylon Edwards, if they're to get a rematch next weekend with the Indianapolis Colts (or send Giants Jets Stadium out in style with an AFC Championship Game against the Baltimore Ravens). As they prepped for the Chargers this week, we talked to both Thomas and Braylon about what they'll have in their iPod on gameday as they get hyped for the Divisional Round, complete with their commentary on each song. Listen closely Jets fans, your season may depend on it...

SONG: "Crazy"
• "Myko is an artist from my record label, Outta Pocket Entertainment, and his music always gets me going before a game."

SONG: "By the Way"
ARTIST: Young Jeezy
• "The lyrics say what I'm feeling before the game."

SONG: "Lose Yourself"
ARTIST: Eminem
• "The song talks about seizing the opportunity: 'You only get one shot.'"

SONG: "Survival of the Fittest"
ARTIST: Mobb Deep
• "The title of the song speaks for itself."


SONG: "Already Home"
• "One must know where they want to be in life. Envision the outcome of the accomplishment being sought after."

SONG: "Clocks"
ARTIST: Coldplay
• "Treat every day like it's your last. Tomorrow is a bonus."

SONG: "Mr. Carter"
ARTIST: Lil Wayne
• "Go hard or go home. Got to give everything you have and everything you can to seize the moments."

SONG: "Crawling in My Skin"
ARTIST: Linkin Park
• "We all have weaknesses. Fear is real. I must pull from my inner strength to fire and motivate me to overcome all doubt."


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