Finally, some good news for steroid addicts: it seems that the "hard" stuff has no affect on tear ducts! In an interview with Bob Costas last night, retired baseball slugger Mark McGwire tearfully admitted what we all already knew: the skin on his neck is grafted from a burn victim he was on 'roids for the majority of his career, including his 1998 single-season home run record-setting season.

Mark hit the apology circuit in preparation for his debut as the St. Louis Cardinals hitting coach next month, and while the whole thing smacks of a very carefully crafted public relations blitz, the key element might actually have been genuine: Big Mac's waterworks. As any 10-year-old kid, cheating spouse, or female driver can tell you, an apology will only get you so far, but an apology with tears can get you out of almost any predicament (with an emphasis on the "almost"). And for athletes that goes for everything from rape and assault charges to using performance enhancing drugs to cheat. We take a look back at those athletes who cried it out in an attempt to extract themselves from the stickiest of situations...

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