Babe Championship Series: Texas Women vs. Alabama Women

Babe Championship Series: Texas Women vs. Alabama Women

The highly-anticipated showdown between the Texas Longhorns and Alabama Crimson Tide for the BCS Bowl Championship—the Holy Grail of college football—finally goes down tomorrow night. With each team being undefeated in their divisions, the game promises to be eventful.

But before you start choosing sides, we're putting both the hottest Texas girls and hottest Alabama girls on the field for our own version of powder puff football. We're even comparing their respective cheerleading squads to decide which state wins. And unlike tomorrow's game, you determine the champion. Click through the girls and then vote at the end to decide which state has the hotter girls...


Jessica Simpson (Dallas, Texas) vs. Shelby Lynne (Frankville, Alabama)
• Both blonde, both singers, Jessica Simpson wears "mom jeans", Shelby has a song called "Mother", see why we put these two together? You're probably more familiar with Jessica's body of work, but Shelby is no slouch, scoring a grammy for 'Best New Artist' back in 1999. But this is all about looks, and J. Simpson still holds the title, and we have 25+ pics to prove it.
Advantage: Texas


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