5 Reasons Why the NHL Is Better Than The NBA

5 Reasons Why the NHL Is Better Than The NBA

The THUNDER??? What is this, indoor lacrosse?

ISSUE: The NBA keeps getting bigger, even while existing franchises are looking to relocate.

• It's an oft-heard, derisive criticism of the NHL: The league has too many teams, in places like Phoenix and Nashville where nobody cares about hockey. And yes, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has been over-ambitious in his quest to popularize the game in the States. But in reality, the "too-many-teams" tag has become a more apt descriptor for the NBA. Since 2000, the NHL has added two teams and relocated none; meanwhile, the NBA has added a team (the woeful Charlotte Bobcats), while relocating two others (Seattle-to-Oklahoma City and Charlotte-to-New Orleans). This year, the Sacramento Kings are facing a relocation crisis, while the cost-cutting New Orleans Hornets may be moving...again. Maybe it's time to stop sucking David Stern off and start asking the megalomaniac some tough questions. Like: Are you really serious about expanding into Europe? Seriously?

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