Poor, poor big-time college basketball coaches. They get paid a couple million dollars a year to yell at teenagers, and for all their hard work, what do they get? A bunch of geeky, annoying questions from a bunch of geeky, annoying sportswriters. For the love of James Naismith and his peach basket, why can't the media just go away (because of course the basketball games that these coaches make their money off of would be spontaneously disseminated through dust motes or something if the press wasn't there to cover them).

That's a lot of geeky, annoying things for grown-ass men to have to put up with, and not surprisingly, occasionally these coaches flip the eff out. Just in the past week, North Carolina's Roy Williams and UConn's Jim Calhoun both went a little 7:30 on reporters. But neither of their recent rants made our list of The Greatest Press Conference Meltdowns in NCAA Basketball History...

#5. JIM CALHOUN 2004

• First rule in public relations: If someone asks why you enjoy masturbating to "My Little Pony" cartoons, don't reply "How did you know?" Queried about why he didn't recruit Providence's Ryan Gomes, Calhoun proceeds to give the excuse that he did recruit Emeka Okafor and Caron Butler (not a bad excuse actually) as well as admit that he fucked up (five times). Thick skin not required for coaching big-time college athletics apparently.
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