• Car: Lotus Elise
• Made of: Fiberglass and Aluminum
• Power: 189hp
• Weight: 1984 lbs
• Price: $47,250
• Claim to fame: When it comes to lightweight sport cars that you can take to the track and then to the store, Lotus sets the bar. If you're around Jermaine Dupri's height, you can even use it as a daily driver.

• Car: Noble M400
• Made of: Fiberglass
• Power: 425 hp
• Weight: 2337
• Price: $89,000
• Claim to fame: This British sports car got its name from its power to weight ratio of 400hp/ton. Beast mode. Lucky for us, an American company scooped up the rights to build the M400. So if you got the ducats, head here for your Rossion Q1.

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