• Car: Ariel Atom
• Made of: Bronze welded steel tubing and non-structural composite panels
• Power: 300hp
• Weight:1,400 lbs
• Price: $65,000
• Claim to fame: Besides scaring the shit of Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, the Atom is the purest sports car on the road. No roof, no doors, just four wheels, a little carbon fiber and 300 hp.

• Car: KTM X-Bow
• Made of: Carbon fiber
• Power: 240 hp
• Weight: 1543 lbs
• Price: $65,000
• Claim to fame: Austrian motorcycle company KTM's Audi powered roadster moves as viciously as it looks. It's made for the sole purpose of going as fast on corners as it does on straight-a-ways. There may be no windshield, but it does have Ferrari performance for 1/2 price.

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