One of these coaches may be holding the wrong trophy.

So the final college football contest of the season kicks off Thursday night and it looks like it'll be great: the Oklahoma Sooners vs. the Florida Gators. But don't get it twisted: it ain't college football's national championship. That's because the champion has already been crowned and it's USC. Or Utah. Or Texas.

And therein lies the problem with college football's BCS National Championship Game (the "final contest" mentioned above). It features two teams with one loss, but not the sole undefeated team in the game (Utah). The most dominant team in the country (USC) won't be playing in it. And Oklahoma, which lost to Texas on a neutral field earlier this year, will. We know it's an old argument (even the new Prez is in favor of a playoff system), but just in case you're one of those lobotomized morons that thinks the BCS works, here's a list of the 5 biggest eff-ups of the BCS era.

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