We all know Timberland is the #1 brand for boots that are both durable and stylish. And with its new FlyRoam Collection, powered by the AeroCore™ Energy System, the footwear leader has continued to elevate its game by creating a boot that lets you maintain Timberland’s signature toughness while simultaneously making you faster and lighter on your feet.

The AeroCore™ energy system marries innovation and style in a way that gives you the ultimate fusion of function and fashion. While the boot is super durable and offers crazy levels of support, its innovative technology allows Timberland designers to actually craft a lighter body for the shoe. By combining that lightweight structure with rebound cushioning and rugged traction, the team has created the definitive sneaker-boot hybrid that can keep up with the pace of your adventurous lifestyle.

The AeroCore™ energy system is on full display in Timberland’s new FlyRoam Collection. Flyroam’s pieces offer two-tone combos that reflect on-trend color as well as heritage connections to classic Timberlands. They also feature the option of full-grain leather or mesh, depending on weather needs or simply your personal preference. That kind of style versatility explains why Flyroam has become the favorite footwear of one of the hottest young rappers in the game, Taylor Bennett.

You can check out some of the FlyRoam Collection’s new pieces in the pics below, and to learn more about Timberland’s new groundbreaking technology—as well as order your own—be sure you hit up their site by clicking here. If you’re outside of the United States you can check them out at timberland.com

Timberland Flyroam Back
Image via Complex Original
Timberland Flyroam
Image via Complex Original