Buying sneakers used to be an experience that went behind setting your alarm for 8 a.m., firing up a bot, and hoping the website you're attempting to purchase them from doesn't burst into flames. People would go to stores and pay for them on site. You can still do this, and there are plenty of retailers who offer phenomenal in-store experiences. Philadelphia's Lapstone & Hammer is one of the best shops doing it right now, and it's the latest shop we're giving a VR tour of in our new series Sneaker Spaces hosted by Joe La Puma.

Opened in 2015, Lapstone & Hammer is a newer shop on the scene, but it's a throwback to old school craftsmanship, as its name is taken from tools that cobblers use to produce footwear. That theme translates over to the store's offerings, too. It sells its own line of selvedge denim and its extensive collaboration of boots with Fracap, an Italian footwear maker that's popular with style heads, football casuals, and anyone who appreciates well-made shoes.

In the latest episode of Sneaker Spaces, Lapstone & Hammer's owner, Brian Nadav, gives a virtual look at his shop, which also sells the latest in sportswear footwear, too. Watch the video above to see everything the retailer has to offer.