Last month, NYC sneaker store Stadium Goods launched a partnership with mobile app GOAT that allowed people to use the app's convenient interface to make buying and selling shoes simpler. The easy-to-use platform made it easier than ever to get involved in the $1 billion sneaker resell market, and now Stadium Goods is introducing yet another game-changing innovation.

Stadium Goods has linked with Fyuse 3.0 to change the way people take pictures of their shoes. For anyone who's ever had trouble flipping their sneakers due to struggle photography, this is nothing short of a blessing.

Here's how it works: Fyuse 3.0 creates 360-degree 3-D images of your shoes, which are then used by Stadium Goods to represent the product. It's not only limited to resellers, either, as sneakerheads will be able to create Fyuse images of their favorite pairs and share the results across social media.

You can get an idea of how Fyuse 3.0 works in the clip below. The integration with Stadium Goods will begin at Sneaker Con Cleveland on March 26, where you'll be able to win prizes and try out Fyuse first-hand.