Nike is used to other brands constantly copying its designs, which often ends up in court, but that wasn't the case when CEO Mark Parker saw Louis Vuitton use one of his designs. The New York Times recently spoke with Parker about Nike's growing presence in the fashion world, and while not all high fashion brands view Nike as direction competition yet, it's clear that many are taking inspiration from the sportswear giant.

Most of the story focuses on Nike strategically entering the fashion world, but Parker recognizes that both sides are taking inspiration from each other. “Fashion is moving to a place that is more overtly sports-based. I realized it when I was in New York a while ago and looking at the Louis Vuitton windows and was surprised to see a shoe almost directly taken from a shoe I had developed in 1983. I was more flattered than anything else,” said Parker. He was referring to the Nike Pegasus, which is a silhouette that has been undoubtedly inspired many other brand models. Considering how tough Nike has been on other brands who copied its designs, it's surprising to hear that kind of answer, but I guess having one of the most luxurious brands in the world use your design has to be flattering, too.