Chris Paul has been a regular participant in the NBA playoffs during his time with the Los Angeles Clippers, and this year will be no different. With full confidence in Paul and his team, Jordan Brand already created a playoff sneaker for him well in advance. Like with past CP3 models, the IX will be getting an "AE" version for Paul to play in during the quest for his first NBA championship.

Playoff edition sneakers have become a norm for most signature lines, especially those under the Nike umbrella, like Paul and his Jordan Brand deal. The exact product and performance specs aren't available yet, but based on this early photo, we can see that there is more mesh on the upper, making it a more lightweight sneaker. With Paul leading the way for his team, any performance upgrade will help, and this CP3.IX AE looks to do just that by making him even quicker on his feet. 

A release date has not been confirmed.