There are a lot of trends that come and go in the sneaker world, and lately DJ Khaled has been the originator of a lot of them. Perhaps the biggest trend he started was renaming famous sneakers with his own personalized titles. We heard him coin names like "gold medals" and "you wish you had these," and now he's inspired others to do the same. Youtuber Coach Connie recently uploaded an "MTV Cribs" parody video in his dorm, and channeled his inner DJ Khaled when it came to his sneaker collection.

Coach Connie shouted out Khaled before giving viewers a look at his closet, or more like pile of sneakers. Some of the highlights were his boat shoes, which he renamed as the "preppy Catholic school 7s," and work boots that he called the "combat 7s" from the "Modern Warfare line." As you can imagine, Coach Connie's sneaker game isn't quite on the same level as Khaled's, but his naming of them was hilarious nonetheless.