One of the coolest parts of NIKEiD is being able to add your own personal ID, but one sneakerhead in the UK got more than he bargained for after leaving his laptop unattended at school.

According to the story, which originated on Facebook and was picked up by Metro, a guy by the name of Danny Hunter had started designing a pair of Nike Roshe iDs and stopped before completing the order. It was then that his mates snuck onto the computer and altered the heel ID to read "Ian Beale," a reference to a character from BBC's EastEnders soap opera.

Apparently, Hunter was in such a rush to make the purchase that he failed to double-check his design. You can probably guess what happened next — let's just say he learned a very valuable lesson. A $150 lesson, to be exact. Check out the original post below.

Danny Hunter made some trainers on Nike ID last week in college and someone has changed the personalised writing on the back to “Ian Beale” when he wasn’t looking, he orders them without double checking and they turn up to his door like this – 105 quid well spent best thing I’ve ever seen – Nike Roshe Run Ian Beale editions.