Whether it's working for a major brand, or starting your own business, the amount of sneaker-related jobs that have popped up in recent years is larger than ever before. James Jones of Houston, TX is one of the entrepreneurs who chose to follow his passion for sneakers by opening up a shop, and unfortunately some criminals cleaned him out of his entire stock this week. 

Khou.com reports that two burglars used a crow bar to break into the Houston sneaker shop in the early hours of the morning, and stashed $7,000 worth of Nike, Air Jordan, and Diadora sneakers into trash bags. In addition to the sneakers, the suspects also made off with $1,000 worth of clothing. Losing that many sneakers would break most people's spirits, but Jones is not letting this kill his dream. “It's not going to stop me at all. Not at all. To do this right now is my dream. So I'm not going to let nothing stop me from doing this." We hope that the people responsible for this are brought to justice, and that the shop is back up and running soon.

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