Anyone who's experiencing Toronto's bone-chilling weather for the first time during All-Star Weekend is in for quite a shock, but don't take our word for it. Footwear News recently spoke with Raptors shooting guard DeMar DeRozan, who says he's still getting adjusted to Toronto winters despite calling the city home since 2009. 

Back then, the Compton, Calif., native says he was so naive that he kicked around Toronto in a pair of Chuck Taylors, which is a great way to pick up a nasty case of frostbite, especially in a city where temps regularly drop below zero.

"My first year here, I was wearing Chucks in the snow. I didn't know any different," DeRozan said. "I was wearing a regular hoodie instead of a down jacket. So I've had to evolve my wardrobe because of the winter."

DeRozan's wardrobe isn't the only thing that's evolved — he's gone from benchwarmer to two-time All-Star in just a few years, and these days, he can get just about any Nike shoe he wants.

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