Under Armour has seen a rise in sales and popularity thanks to Stephen Curry, and the man behind his sneaker line recently shared his thoughts on signature sneakers. Senior Vice President of Design David Dombrow landed at Under Armour 5 years ago, after stints with Nike and Puma, and has been tasked with designing Curry's sneakers. While performance is no doubt important for the reigning NBA MVP's sneakers, Dombrow believes that the secret to making successful signature sneakers is about telling the athlete's story.

The San Diego Union-Tribune spoke with Dombrow and learned more about his philosophy and approach to designing sneakers. “I think everything is going to be about personal connection. The power of human experience, emotion, will always trump everything else," said Dombrow. This belief is apparent in Curry's Under Armour signature sneaker line, with many colorways telling stories about his upbringing, faith, and interests. This same strategy has proven to be successful for other brands too, especially in the booming retro market. With signature athletes like Curry, Cam Newton, and Tom Brady, Under Armour has no shortage of stories to continue telling to grow its brand.

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