Motion tracking technology on sneakers has been around for years now, and while we're used to seeing this behind the scenes during user-testing with brands, adidas is changing it up by having James Harden wear technology-equipped sneakers during games. As a new signee to the Three Stripes, adidas is tracking his in-game movements to help it prepare for designing his first signature sneaker.

Harden wore these sneakers yesterday, and at first glance they looked like a safari-inspired design with leopard-like prints on the outer. The Houston Rockets took to Twitter to show off a photo of the sneakers, as well as a video that goes behind the scenes on the sneaker's technology. "That speckle pattern that you see on the outside. We can map the movement of that patterns as you lace up the shoe and as you move in the shoe. We can work on the cushioning, the stability, and the traction from the insights," said an adidas rep. We're not sure when we can expect his first signature sneaker, but it looks like adidas is pulling out all of the stops to make them up to Harden's standards.