Another day, another Yeezy Boost-related mishap, and this time it comes from across the pond as a member of the Yeezy Talk Worldwide Facebook group shared a downright painful experience.

According to the poster, she wore her "Moonrock" Yeezy Boost 350s to work, where she then had a devastating encounter with a bottle of nail polish that fell from a shelf. As you can see from the images, red nail polish covers the left shoe, leaving the owner in desperate search of a remedy.

Reactions in the comments thread ranged from "Lmao all I can say is they fucked only thing this calls for is to dye it pink," to "I wish this happened to all people getting their pair backdoored or with bots," but as of publishing, it looks like the owner of these stained Yeezy Boosts is still looking for a fix. Got any suggestions? Head over to Yeezy Talk Worldwide and let 'em know.