Kanye West has taken a lot of backlash from sneakerheads following his February promise that "eventually, everybody who wants to get Yeezys will get Yeezys," but according to his barber, that promise will eventually — key word here — be fulfilled. 

After shooting down rumors of a "Triple Black" Yeezy 750 Boost yesterday, Ibn Jasper proceeded to shed some light on the production numbers for the sneakers that have released so far. "adidas have been doubling and tripling the quantity of units of YZYs every time they do a new drop," Jasper wrote.

"The first 750s were 10,000 units the last moon rock 350s were 80,000 units. The units will continue to grow. Everyone will EVENTUALLY be able to get a pair. Eventually does not mean right now...," he said.

Of course, as anyone who attempted to buy the "Moonrock" 350s knows, they were actually one of the hardest pairs to cop thus far, so more units doesn't necessarily mean an easier purchase. Still, it's reassuring to hear that the DONDA team hasn't completely abandoned its Yeezys-for-all mission statement. Check out Jasper's full comment below.