Take one look at DJ Khaled's sneaker closet and it's clear that he favors the Jumpman. Jordans make up the majority of his Instagram stunts, and they're all he seemed interested in talking about when we took him sneaker shopping, but today we're finally learning why he almost exclusively rocks J.

"The reason I love Jordans so much is that they just know what they're doing. The style, the shape, the quality — it's iconic," Khaled told Footwear News. "We get excited every time a new release comes out and it’s the same Jordan he used to wear. That’s powerful. That’s timeless." 

In true Khaled fashion, he managed to sneak in a comparison to his music and the Air Jordan legacy: "That’s how I make my music, too: timeless and classic." 

Be sure to check out Khaled's full Complex Closets episode below if you haven't already.