Despite what seemed like a confirmed release date, it turns out that the Supreme x Air Jordan V collection will not be dropping today after all.

Supreme Brand Director Angelo Baque took to Instagram to crush hypebeast dreams with the image of Beanie Sigel you see below. "No Jordan's today b... #stoptexting," the caption reads, which should get the message across pretty clearly. 

This is especially noteworthy because although Supreme's usual 11 a.m. EST drop came and went with no trace of the Jordans, many 'heads were holding onto hope for an unannounced Quickstrike release. Judging by the tone of Baque's post, it's safe to assume that a surprise release is out of the question, too.

It also shuts down the possibility of a NikeLab release, which traditionally go down at 1 p.m. EST and have previously launched collaborations like the Supreme x Nike Air Force 1s.

Hey, look on the bright side — you can finally stop camping out on your computer and actually get some real work done today.