In 1997, when Nike sub-branded the Air Jordan line created Jordan Brand, it was their way of saying: “We can sustain the line independently of the parent company by creating new, more affordable silhouettes so kids from all socioeconomic backgrounds have a chance to ‘Be like Mike.’”

In its infancy, the Jordan Brand had its greatest looking silhouettes. From a performance standpoint, this was Jordan Brand’s heyday as far a fully-loaded stable. One thing they knew was that the re-releasing of the Jordan I, II and III in 1994 was an incredible flop. Jesus, I got my pair of white/black/red Jordan IIs at a Sports Authority for $19.99 after having paid box price for the white/cement Jordan IIIs after they sat for 2 weeks.

But then something happened. The tide turned once the IVs and Vs were reissued, or ‘retroed’ as the practice came to be known. Somehow old was new again. Everyone wanted what they either didn’t have when they were kids, or wanted them again. The retro portion of Brand Jordan then exploded. All the great colorways of the past were retroed, along with new takes on old favorites.  And it’s been a landslide since.

It’s come to the point now that retros have been retroed and retroed… if that’s even such a thing. They have become so much a part of the Brand Jordan structure, that we often forget that there is actually a performance arm of the brand. So, what hasn’t been retroed yet? While there are a ton of releases from the past couple of years that haven't seen the light of day again, here are a few gems from the past that have stayed in the vault for a decade or more, check out these 14 Air Jordans That Have Never Been Retroed.