Playing for the New York Knicks has been tough for the last few years. Being a sneakerhead and playing for them is a challenge of its own, according to Shane Larkin. The new Brooklyn Nets player told Sporting News how tough it was to match sneakers with his old Knicks uniform.

"Last year was difficult with the Knicks because their colors are just so — orange and blue, there’s not many different things you can really pull out, unless you customize some LeBrons or the KDs or the Kobes, something like that," Larkin said. "So last year wasn’t the best year for my sneaker game, but this year with our [Nets] jerseys being black and white, I’ll definitely be able to pull out a lot of things, so I’m looking forward to it."

Larkin's love for sneakers extends far beyond the court, too. Like a lot of sneakerheads, he's a fan of some of the most-revered Jordan colorways. "My favorite color’s red, so [I like] the Breds, each number. He Got Game 13s, I really like those. Space Jams; there’s really too many to name. I like all the black and red ones for the most part," Larkin said.

The Nets don't have red on their uniforms, but we're still excited to see what Larkin rocks this season.