Welp. It looks like this thirsty sneakerhead criminal just took a MAJOR L.

According to The Irish Times, a teen in Ireland pleaded guilty to theft after stealing Nike sneakers from a window display at a Lifestyle Sports retail store in north Dublin. The 16-year-old was spotted by an off-duty Irish police officer who notified a fellow member of the force, leading to the teen's arrest.

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the October 29 incident and the merchandise was returned to the store. And while we don't make light of incidents that give sneaker culture a bad rep, like the senseless violence we hear all too much about, there's a hilarious twist to this story.

The teen ended up stealing two right-footed sneakers.

"They were two right feet runners, in two odd sizes," officer Emily Carr told The Irish TimesThe teen's lawyer said the sneakers were a size 3 and the next size up.

The teen has no priors and is currently on bail pending sentence.

[via The Irish Times]