Wale and Jerry Seinfeld grace the cover of the latest issue of Complex. The two, who developed an unlikely friendship over the years through Wale's Seinfeld-themed mixtape and even worked together on the D.C. rapper's forthcoming The Album About Nothing, sit down with Complex's own Joe La Puma to talk music, strippers, and, of course, sneakers.

It's no secret that Wale is a huge sneakerhead, but Seinfeld himself is no slouch with the slew of '90s gems he stayed rocking on his own sitcom. In fact, there was even a long-standing rumor that the man owned 500 pairs of sneakers, which Seinfeld quickly put to rest, telling Complex, "Nobody has 500 of anything."

The legendary comedian's fascination with white sneakers is also a topic of conversation as Wale relays a story that Seinfeld shares on the album from the track aptly titled, "White Shoes."

"Jerry says he was wearing white shoes and a lady stopped him on the street and asked him why he liked white shoes. He said, 'I don’t know. They make me happy.'"

Watch the video to learn more about why both men place such a high importance on sneakers.