No, it's not her boyfriend Magic Mike XXL star Joe Manganiello, who just happens to be insanely jacked and one of the most fit human beings on the planet.

It's actually her Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen and her non-relenting running routine that gives Vergara the motivation to avoid the usual excuses, she told Shape for their November issue. Unlike Bowen, though, Vergara avoids traditional workouts like jogging and squats due to her bad knees. Instead, she uses a pilates machine called the Megaformer, which utilizes adjustable springs and pulleys.

“With this machine, I was able to figure out what worked for me," Vergara said. "I don’t love it at all, but I love how my body’s changing,”

Outside of her peers on set, Vergara's other motivation is her love of candy and cake. No, we're serious. Vergara has said that she likes to work up a sweat so that it allows her to freely partake in the things she loves.

"“When I do indulge, I exercise a bit harder the next day," Vergara said. "My workout motto is really simple: No pain, no cake!”

Checkout the rest of the interview with Vergara in November's issue of Shape, which hits newsstands tomorrow.


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