For some time, there was an invisible boundary put up between the worlds of streetwear and menswear. You had to like one or the other. Luckily, as time passed and trends converged, that wall has come crashing down. Some might say it’s because menswear guys are going for a more comfortable, laid-back aesthetic, which is totally fine. But there’s also something that has facilitated this process: the spread of sneaker culture to menswear. How did this happen? A lot of #menswear bros used to be sneakerheads, and they wanted to trade in their hardbottom shoes for sneakers such as Nike Frees, New Balance 998s, or Nike Flyknit Racers. Once this happened, in came the T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. It made menswear exciting, it shattered all the rules, and it got a lot of dudes to ditch their suits. It also turned a lot of people into sneakerheads and gave them a new look on how to perceive the style world. J.Crew now releases New Balance collaborations, Club Monaco has jumped aboard with Saucony, Mark McNairy has an ongoing collection with adidas, and you’re likely to find someone who owns both Chelsea boots and Air Jordan 1s. There are also brands such as John Elliot and Aime Leon Dore that exist in this in-between space. Are they menswear or streetwear? It's a tough call, but they're embraced by both crowds, and both guys are wearing sneakers.