The slide has a precarious history: It was actually created by adidas to protect the German National Football Team from getting infections in the shower. Since then, it’s become a staple as recovery footwear for those who play sports - basketball in specific. A trip to any mall, high school, or area where basketball is played will showcase teenage kids in Nike Elite socks, Jordan or Nike slides, whatever T-shirt they hoop in, and a sling back strapped around their shoulders. This look has become a go-to for many across the country, but the slides have only been recently adopted into high style. This year saw Hiroshi Fujiwara design a pair of Benassi slides for Nike, Supreme released two pairs of slides (black and red), and Raf Simons has his own take on the adilette coming out soon. But people have also taken to the classic versions of these two sandals, and they've become more stylish than you'd think. The lounge/cozy look is in, and slides are the laziest footwear you can put on, it's just funny how this look has been co-opted from people you'd hardly see at fashion shows.