Getting dressed is about putting together a complete ensemble. It’s not about having a statement T-shirt that’s plagued by shitty fitting jeans and mediocre sneakers. When streetwear took off somewhere around 2005, everything was very matchy-matchy. The fitted had to match the T-shirt, which had to match the sneakers, naturally. This attention to detail has formed a generation of guys that are as in tune with what belt they’re wearing as they are with their sneakers or T-shirt—not to mention becoming obsessive about their jackets, button-up shirts, haircuts, etc. We’ve come along way since our BAPE hoodies matched our Air Force 1s, but we know that we’re not well-dressed if only our sneakers are fresh. This is what got people putting a $300 sweatshirt, $200 sneakers, $150 jeans, $50 fitted, and $60 T-shirt in their standard outfit rotation.