Still looking for an excuse to not to go to the gym? Then try saying that you are allergic.

No, really. This is a thing. Exercise-induced anaphylaxis is a rare condition that causes allergic reactions when the heart rate reaches a certain level. Unlike mold or pollen, exercise itself isn't an actual allergen. However, people who have this condition can experience lightheadedness, swelling, wheezing and break out into hives as an allergic reaction to exercise. Doctors believe that eating certain foods before exercising is partially responsible for the allergic reactions, which can be treated with an EpiPen.

Now while those of you not privy to exercise may be wanting to use this as an excuse, know that only 2 percent of the population is at risk for the disorder. Of the 2 percent, most will not experience any symptoms at all. So on second thought, maybe it's not a good excuse at all.

[Fox 2]

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