Anyone whose played basketball before knows the injury problems associated with the sport, with none more common then ankle sprains. Ektio, the leader in innovation to prevent ankle sprains on the court, has teamed up with Dicks Sporting Goods to bring their latest innovation to the masses.

Developed by a team of doctors, the Ektio Alexio protects against ankle injuries by addressing the problems in current basketball sneaker designs. The Alexio uses a patented series of straps, outriggers and an internal brace to support the ankle joint and prevent the roll over that causes common ankle sprains. The technology brings the ankle and shoe together in one single unit, that keeps the foot stable and limits the unnatural roll we've all experienced when hooping. The result, a sneaker unlike anything on the market that reduces the incidence of sprains among users by an unbelievable 99 percent.

“The Alexio is the best choice for basketball players looking to avoid an ankle sprain,” explained Ektio’s CEO and founder Dr. Barry Katz.  “I couldn’t be more excited to partner with the team at DICK’S Sporting Goods to make this technology available to everyone.”

For more information head over to Ektio, and scoop up a pair by heading over to Dick's Sporting Goods online shop.


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