The Trash Talk tees. The Tai Chis. The Marbury 1.

Chances are at least one of these were part of your childhood basketball wardrobe. After bursting onto the basketball scene with a rebellious street ball flavor in the early part of the decade, AND1 tragically disappeared off the court as ownership of the company changed hands and their signature athletes left for greener pastures.

Now, AND1 is trying to break back into the game by infiltrating basketball's top level, the NBA. As the folks over at Sole Collector point out, the company is banking on the likes of Charlotte's Lance Stephenson, along with youngsters like Mitch McGary, James Johnson and Jamal Franklin, to renew AND1's one-time dominant presence in the game. By releasing the Xcelerate, AND1 hopes to showcase the brand by coming up with a sneaker that can withstand the rigors of the day-in and day-out nature of the NBA. AND1 also hopes to bring back some of its former fans by bringing back popular sneakers like the Tai Chi and other retros that once ruled the league.

Head over to Sole Collector to find out more about AND1's plans to return to prominence and keep it with Sneaker Report for more AND1 releases throughout the season.

[Sole Collector]

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