People use all different outlets for stress relief after a long day at work. A major source for stress relief following a long, tireless day at work is hitting the gym, because nothing feels quite as good as those letting out that post work stress then knocking around a punching bag. You may want to reconsider your choices, as a new study shows that working out after a stress filled day at work may not the ultimate remedy.

In a study published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, research shows that chronic fatigue after a long day of work can actually make your gym time less effective. Scientists had 20 study participants run two 1.86-mile races on two separate days. Before the first race, participants were asked to complete a 90 minute computer test, while the second day involved no pre-workout routine. The study showed that participants actually ran the race up to 15 seconds faster when they didn't have to take the computer test prior to running.

What does that mean you ask? According to the study authors, the research proves that cognitive activity significantly contributes to fitness performance, and can have negative effects on your results. Next time you have an tough day at work, reconsider your workout routine. Instead of taking out all your energy on a punching bag, or running an extended amount of miles, consider the alternative. Whether it be yoga course, or simple meditation, choose something that won't further increase your stress levels, and negatively effect your body and brain performance. The result will lead to more energy for your next workout day, so you can really crush it at the gym. Ever needed a reason to do more yoga? Science just provided you one.

[Yahoo Health]

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