You guys tired of red sneakers yet OR NAH? Well, the Adidas Campus 80 just got the redrum treatment. Although, I personally think this iteration should be called the "Campus 808s and Heartbreaks." GET IT? I mean, not everything can be called "Red Octobers." We're still a ways away from that month. Guys, I have a kinda swagless confession to make: Every single vintage Adidas silhouette just looks like a pair of Sambas to me. Which is why, if it wasn't for my editor, every single post I've ever written about OG Adi's would've started off like, "Peep these Sambas, fam." The next time I'm hanging with my #influencer clique, I'll probably embarrass myself by asking if anyone copped them Yeezy Sambas. And you just know one of 'em is gonna hit me with a quizzical stare followed up with the ill dickhead #actually. FUCK YOU, GUYS. REAL PRODUCT NAMES ARE FOR PEDANTIC ASSHOLES. No word on a release date yet or none of that, so y'all can shut up for once and wait with bated fucking breath.