Pigalle's Stephane Asphool has zero chill when it comes to his love of basketball. Dude did a collaboration with Nike on some Air Force 1s, tanks and shorts and now, all of the sudden, has launched a full basketball-inspired line, simply called "Pigalle Basketball," which may be, in fact, Pigalle's S/S 15 collection or may be something entirely all its own. Who the fuck knows? In all seriousness, do you, Stephane, 'cause this shit looks pretty cool even if we have no fucking clue what peace signs or wool coats have to do with basketball. Or, like, umbrellas? But whatever, sorta-kinda-tie-dye shit, bespeckled garments and nylon coach's jackets are right up our alley. In addition, there's a new Nike collab on deck for Pigalle in the form of the Air Raid, which comes in a dumb washed out purple colorway and a very fire all white. Just, like, don't actually show up to the playground rocking these things because everyone will make fun of you and throw elbows in your face until you get a bloody nose and ruin your dope new tank top.