So you've been lining up for sneakers for the last few years, padded your IG followings, and sorted through your Twitter to make sure you're only following the best of the best. Everyone comes to you for sneaker advice, and sneakers seem to be the only thing you ever talk about. What's the next step? Maybe it's time to try make a living out of your passion and get a job in the sneaker world. If that's your dream, we're not going to get in your way.

But you might want to carefully consider your options before your jump in. There aren't many ways to break into the sneaker industry, many of them don't pay well, and a lot of them are a dead end. We've compiled a list of your options, along with a ballpark range of what you can expect to make and what your responsibilities will be. Remember, knowledge is power, and you don't want your next pair to be tainted by a rude awakening. Here are Entry-Level Jobs That You Can Get in SneakersRight Now.

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