Being thirsty isn't a crime. But being thirsty and having a warrant out for your arrest probably isn't the best combination.

O.G. sneakerhead and UK-based writer Gary Warnett brought this late '80s story to our attention when he posted it on his blog, and we figure it would be perfect for a little #ThrowbackThursday vibe.

Here's what went down. In 1989, police officers from Lincoln, Neb. created a fake sneaker store to lure in people who were avoiding arrest warrants. They sent these criminals letters, inviting them to Grabar Athletic Footwear—a play on the term "greybar hotel"—to claim a pair of free sneakers valued upwards of $89. Based on the video footage, we spotted some adidas and Avia kicks.

Best of all, when people started to show up, they were asked to fill out their own arrest paperwork, which was disguised as an "athletic needs" questionnaire. When it was time to claim their free sneakers, it was basically a wrap and these criminals were quickly handcuffed and taken away.

Talk about thirst trap. 

[via Gary Warnett and HLN]