Who: Brandon Edler
Twitter: @MrBrando3

I have been saying this for the last few years and it's not just Jordans. I'd gladly pay $225-$250 for a true Jordan III than $180 for something that is inferior to what we had as kids. It's not just JB. I would love to see this applied to all retros like the Nike Air Up and Air Force 180 "High" which left a lot of nostalgic sneaker fans disappointed. We can't put all the blame on one brand, others have been negligent in putting out quality product on the bring-backs. As consumers, we need to be more selective and let brands know it's unacceptable to put out low quality sneakers that have a premium history. I'm just as guilty as others, but there's a reason that lately I've passed on a lot of models I loved in the '90s.