The revenue stream generated through advertisements in sports is massive. Companies pay millions of dollars to simply have their brands represented around stadiums and arenas but that just scratches the surface of the potential. The NBA has been mulling over the idea of uniforms advertisements for years now, and it looks like they may have just taken one step closer to it actually happening.

The NBA announced today they would be moving their iconic logo to the back of uniforms beginning this year, citing style as the main reason. The logo, which depicts Laker legend Jerry West, was previously located on the front of both the jersey and shorts of players around the league.  NBA Commissioner Adam Silver had previously stated that uniform ads, similar to those in soccer and other sports around the world, will inevitably happen, and predicted so within the next five years.

That plan may have just got a shove into action as the NBA is looking to take advantage of a previously untapped revenue stream that could net the league and it's owners billions of dollars. The WNBA has been wearing ad's on uniforms for years, and with the massive popularity of the NBA there will certainly be a handful of companies chomping at the bit for a chance to get their logo on an NBA floor.

The league has predicted that if the deal ends up going down, the NBA teams collectively could bring in about $100 million annually in revenue from jersey ads.

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