Adidas Originals commissioned photographer Michael Mayren for this #SocksnSlides editorial featuring Adidas' most enduring and best design: the OG Adilette slide. My first introduction to the slide wasn’t through soccer as most would assume. No, it was cycling. See, my older cousins were part of this competitive cycling team called the Downriver Cycling Team. And ya boy got to be on the youth team. The best part of the whole experience? Getting dope ass cycling jerseys with the water bottle pockets on the back, and, after a long training session, we all got to slip into some Adilettes. So, obviously I'm a huge fucking proponent of these. I might be "FUCK YOU" to sandals, but definitely all, "HEY BOO" to slides. I can't really get behind the styling of this shoot 100% though. You gotta wear Adilettes with your go-to might be a dealer/might be on disability/might just be really fashionable alphet, which means, most likely, some baggy jorts or sweats or track pants (and only triple stripe branded shit unless you a perpetrating little bitch). SERIOUSLY, IF I CATCH YOU LAMES OUT HERE WEARING ADIDAS SLIDES AND, LIKE, NIKE SOCKS OR SOME SHIT, I'M GONNA CATCH A BODY AKA HIT YOU WITH SOME VICIOUS SIDE-EYE.