Reebok's Pump technology is mostly associated with its high-top basketball models like the O.G. Pump, Omni Zone, and the Omni Lite made popular by Dee Brown's no-look dunk. While basketball may have been the sport that put the Pump on the map, Reebok took the technology and incorporated it into other performance sneakers.

The Dual Pump Runner debuted in 1991 and was a mashup of Reebok tech. Equipped with a Hexalite midsole, the Dual Pump Runner, as its name suggests, featured a two-Pump system for max comfort and cushioning. As part of Reebok's spring/summer 2014 collection, the retro runner is now back in two heritage colorways—white and black. Pick up a pair of these signature Reeboks today at select Reebok retailers.