Long lines and camping out have become accepted aspects of today's sneaker game. Just about anything remotely hyped requires sneakerheads to fall in line for extended periods of time or to enter a raffle for the right to purchase the shoes.

Pusha T wants you to know he ain't about that life.

King Push posted an image of a collage of Michael Jordan imagery masked into the words "FUCK YOU WAITIN ON JORDANS FOR,"  - a line from his appearance on Kanye West's track "I Don't Like - accompanied with the text "Never have, never will..." With Pusha's celebrity status, you'd assume he's connected enough that he doesn't have to wait for anything and has access to just about everything. Unfortunately, the reality for most sneakerheads is much different. Waiting in line is really the only option they have if they want to avoid paying resale prices for the latest kicks. With Pusha T's eclectic mix of sneakers, along with his brand Play Cloths recent collaboration with Reebok and Social Status, maybe the big name rapper just wants to open our eyes to other footwear options. Or maybe he just thinks waiting in line for anything is no bueno. Whatever the case, we need only look at this Nice Kicks piece to get an idea of Pusha's sneaker rotation.

[via King Push's Instagram]