There's a lot of competition at the Jets training camp this year, with none more prevalant then the quartback position. Michael Vick signed with the Jets back in March, and has since acknowledged Geno Smith as the starter, but his passion for the team can be seen with just one look.

Vick hit the field wearing a custom visor that displays the Jet's logo across it. This appears to be the newest trend in football, as someone recently tweeted a picture of the Steelers wearing visors with the team's twitter handle on them, but that turned out to be photoshopped. However, Vick's visor appears to be as real as it gets, and although it looks incredible, Roger Goodell may not approve as the visor would be illegal to wear during a regular season game. Vick was one of the first players along with LaDainian Tomlinson to make the visor popular among NFL players, so it's no surprise Vick is changing the game again.

Let us know what you think of Vick's Jet visor, and if think he and fellow NFL player's should be allowed to wear custom visors during the season @SneakerReport. 


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