The flurry of 3M continues as brands get creative, sliding it in wherever it will fit. The LeBron XI, no stranger to its own trials, seems to have taken a cue from some Way of Wades, and brought in some of that 3M magic.

A pair of Elite LeBron XIs has popped up on Marquee Sole with some pretty unique 3M styling. The shoes are almost exclusively blue, with tonal shifts from the mesh, to laces, to fused construction. Silver and blue share the swoosh, in a jagged striped pattern, while a track of molded silver starts at the toe, wrapping around the heel, and back down to the forefoot. An iridescent mudguard adds some interest during the daylight hours. The whole thing sits on an ice outsole.

The shoes really show off their style when a flash comes out to activate the 3M. The hyperfused blue turns into a pattern similar to that on the swoosh: straight and curved lines in jagged stripes. It’s a unique construction, especially for Nike, and completely unexpected.

The only size listed on Marquee Sole is a size 7, and it’s listed as a “Sample.” MS didn’t provide pictures of the sneaker’s tags, but it’s hard to believe the shoes are fakes. They are constructed impeccably.

These could be an upcoming release, or just a one-off sample. Either way, they’re pretty crazy.

[via Marquee Sole]