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Look, man, being a father isn't a tough gig as much as it is a long-term one. I was listening to a podcast where they talk about how it's the work that you put in when your kids are young that reflects when they're older. I mean, they are a reflection of the best and worse of you, so keep that in mind next time they're driving you nuts. 

A few years ago, there was a stretch of time where I had to sell off all of my kicks to make ends meet. And while I don't look back with any regret, I do look back with a bit of perspective. Kicks and other shit that I used to break my back for aren't as important as their well being. While I never put those material things over my family, I had to learn that those material things will come and go.  My kids are my heart. By having them just staring or laughing was the most invaluable lesson that I've ever learned: I was responsible for another life. I'm now able to pretty much buy what I want again, but there's a lot more in life than kicks.