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I am a new father. My son is five months old as of last week. Being a father is the single greatest thing that has happened to me, next to marrying my wife, of course. Fatherhood is life changing to say the least. The gift and the curse of being a father is that I genuinely want to spend all my time with him. It's a gift because I would gladly do it anytime, whether he was crying or laughing I would drop anything to be with him. The curse is that being a parent, especially with a new born, is that any idea of scheduling is gone. You want to block time to draw and write? Tough shit, the baby is teething. You have the baby down to sleep and you are going to knock out a few blog posts? Nope. He's awake now. But he will sleep if he's on your chest. Which is amazing but not very conducive for accomplishing work.

Between being a husband and a father, designing cars full time, doing design consulting for footwear companies, and then blogging for various media sites and myself—something isn't getting the full attention it deserves at any given time. No matter what it is my wife and son come first.

As for collecting shoes, it hasn't slowed at all. I think I have actually bought more pairs this year already then I did all of last year. Oddly enough, though, I haven't bought my son a pair yet. I have come close on a couple of instances, but for whatever reason I don't. I kind of regret not buying the Concord Lows for him.

But there's part of me that doesn't want him to be forced into wearing and liking something simply because I do. If he gravitates towards them, then great. I will show him the way. But putting him in matching shoes as me is the most corny thing to me. I won't do it, except for maybe when the "Black/Infrared" VIs drop this Thanksgiving. I can confidently say fatherhood is the single best thing for me. It has taught me to emphatic and care for another person. It has shown me compassion and patience, but, most importantly, it has shown me the value of time. Both time with him and time away from him. I wouldn't trade it for anything.